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Hannah of the North

Adventurer, Photographer, & Donut Connoisseur
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Hey I’m Hannah! I am an avid traveler, backpacker, photographer, home chef, and independent mobile app developer!

I created this website to share trip reports from the places that I visit on my travels, and highlight the lessons I that learned on each of my adventures. In addition to writing all about the cool places and hidden gems that I visit, I like to share my packing list in my trip reports. It feels like no matter how many trips I take, I always seem to forget to pack at least one important item and end up bringing some things along that I don’t end up needing at all. While it is very important to be well-prepared for your next adventure, between limited space in a backpacking pack and exorbitant airline carry-on/checked baggage fees, packing lightly is often crucial.¬†

I also occasionally post vegan recipes and updates on the various coding projects I am working on. Please feel free to browse around, and if you find my content interesting or useful please sign up for my newsletter! 



Recent Travels

Read about my weekend trip to the UP for the Michicgan Ice Festival!

Check out my photo gallery from last fall in the Colorado Rockies!


England and Morocco

I'm going to Bristol to visit Melissa, and we're going to Morocco for Easter weekend with some of her friends¬†Planning  Things to Keep in Mind Currently (Mar 2), there are no countries on the Red List - check for updates regularly Proof of Vaccine requirements -...

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument has been very high on my list of places in Arizona to visit for over a year now. I really wanted to get to the park last year in May or June when the organ pipe cactuses were blooming, but I never got around to planning the trip or...

Arizona National Monuments Planning

I moved to Arizona in January of 2021 and in the year since, I have made it to all 3 National Parks in the state. I even worked at one for 2 months! But despite my best efforts, I only made it to 3 of Arizona's National Monuments in 2021. I will be moving out of...

North Cascades National Park Labor Day Weekend 2020

Read about my trip to North Cascades National Park over Labor Day Weekend 2020!

Michigan Ice Festival

Photo essay about my trip to the Michigan Ice Festival

South Dakota Trip

Read about my trip to South Dakota’s Black Hills in July 2019!

Colors of Colorado

Photo gallery of images from my September 2019 trip to the Colorado Rockies.
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