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England and Morocco

I'm going to Bristol to visit Melissa, and we're going to Morocco for Easter weekend with some of her friends┬áPlanning  Things to Keep in Mind Currently (Mar 2), there are no countries on the Red List - check for updates regularly Proof of Vaccine requirements -...

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument has been very high on my list of places in Arizona to visit for over a year now. I really wanted to get to the park last year in May or June when the organ pipe cactuses were blooming, but I never got around to planning the trip or...

Arizona National Monuments Planning

Arizona National Monuments Planning

I moved to Arizona in January of 2021 and in the year since, I have made it to all 3 National Parks in the state. I even worked at one for 2 months! But despite my best efforts, I only made it to 3 of Arizona's National Monuments in 2021. I will be moving out of...